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Centuries of British freedoms being 'broken'

Link: Centuries of British freedoms being 'broken' by security state, says Sir Ken Macdonald - Telegraph.

Essentially I started this blog to light my candle in the encroaching darkness of the British "security state." Under cover of 9/11, our government has been transforming our society in completely unacceptable ways. Follow the link to read the views of the outgoing Director of Public Prosecutions. You will see he agrees with me. That he should have spoken out so frankly is alarming. I fear it may be because he knows that his successor has been selected as someone more likely to cooperate. I hope I am wrong.

Outgoing Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Ken Macdonald warned that the expansion of technology by the state into everyday life could create a world future generations “can’t bear”.

I can't bear the prospect of it. Every sign of its arrival hurts. The only difference between me and most of my fellow citizens is that they don't seem to have the imagination to see what's coming. Here's hoping Sir Ken's observations reach a few more of them.