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Link: Where is the support for Kez? : Miserable Old Fart | The English Parliament - Building Jerusalem in England.

It's a bit rough to suggest that those of us who supported Bloggerheads when it was threatened with libel by oligarch Usmanov, are hypocrites because we haven't also supported a Labour blogger we (or at least I) have never heard of, against a threat of which we were (or at least I was) unaware. Still MoF, though your method of soliciting support is - to say the least - unreasonable to the point of dodginess, let me say that I fully support said unheard-of blogger's freedom of speech.

As a libertarian, I support the abolition of all defamation laws. A right to reputation is a ridiculous concept and only serves to lend dangerous credibility to all the nonsense published in the public presses. Far better for everyone to say what they like and for everyone else to be aware that it might well be garbage. Critical thinking is more valuable than reputation.

Now be off with you, MoF. Play nicely with the other bloggers and stop trying so hard to live up to your name.


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Thought you might react to that, Tom. lol

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