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Perverting the Course of Justice

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Long my favourite public service blogger, Inspector Gadget seems to be in difficulty. A post about his new book was taken down and replaced with an obscure reference to "the dog with ginger eyebrows", which is his name for the Professional Standards Department (the UK's version of the sexier sounding "internal affairs" in American cop shows).

The party line, ludicrously, is that policing in Britain has improved under Labour. Yeah, right. Those police bloggers who contradict that line are at risk. I hope Inspector G is going to be OK. His love for his work shines through in his writing and I think he is a greater credit to the British police than most of its leaders.

I hope this all blows over. I read his blog every day and I believe any good lawyer could save his job. Despite his jocular tone, he is always thoroughly professional and has never written anything his superior officers could reasonably object to. If things go wrong, however, he may need a new source of income. Please follow the link at the top of this post to go buy his book.