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Perverting the Course of Justice
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Anti-terrorism laws used to spy on children/Children used to spy on the rest of us

Link: Anti-terrorism laws used to spy on noisy children - Telegraph.

150pxhitler_jugend200pxpioneers_member_pinNot so much mission creep as mission leap?

What can one expect, however, from a society prepared to recreate the Young Pioneers or the Hitler-Jugend? How long before socialist Britain finds its Pavlik Morozov? It is to the great credit of the Russian people, that despite the immense pressures of the Stalin years, the Soviet propagandists never actually found a child prepared to denounce his parents to their death. The Pavlik Morozov story was bogus. How confident can we be that the British people will be as strong? After all, Pavlik was not offered £500 for a successful denunciation.