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Link: Think tank boss resigns after Gordon Brown links criticised - Telegraph.

Gf_jediThe Smith Institute is a scam. It purports to be a charity in order to defraud the Treasury. The Treasury has cooperated because the fraud was for the political benefit of the then Chancellor, now Prime Minister. Resignations and apologies are really not sufficient. If any of us had faked a charity to avoid taxes, we would face jail. The worst thing about New Labour has been that it has validated the old working class belief that "there is one law for them and one for us." I grew up hearing that, but I never believed it was true until Blair and Brown made it so.

Guido Fawkes did excellent work in exposing all of this. He is a the kind of a citizen every government fears and every democracy needs. The Charity Commission would never have investigated without him. So what is it with Britain's mainstream media that they cannot bring themselves to mention him in reporting on this? Perhaps it is because they know they failed in their duty to identify and report such abuses of power? And now they abuse their power to conceal their own embarrassment?

To hell with them and their vanity. Well done, Guido. You may be crap on television, but you are an inspiration in pixellated print.