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The Witanagemot Club Awards

Link: The Witanagemot Club - News.

Trophy_tThe results are in and, despite having myself voted for Tim Worstall, The Last Ditch has been chosen by Witanagemot Club voters as the "Best ex-pat Blog". I am also chuffed to have come third in the "Best Libertarian Blog" category, behind the redoubtable Devil's Kitchen and Guido Fawkes.

My sincere thanks to all who voted for me and my congratulations to all those who won or were placed (except perhaps for the winner of the "Shouldn't be allowed to own a computer, let alone have a blog" category).

My commiserations to Iain Dale. To be ranked higher in the "Blogger most likely to vote for a donkey if you slapped the correct colour rosette on it" category than political blockhead Neil Harding seems unfair. As does his being voted "Blogger most desperate to win blogging awards."

However, I am sure that being voted "The British Isles' best political blog," "Best Conservative Party supporting blog," "Best English political blog," "Best Westminster Village Gossip," and "Best coverage and analysis of politics and current affairs" will provide some consolation. As should his coming second in the categories of "Best Right-wing blog," and "The British Isles' most influential political blog." He will also be cheered up by coming third in "Best Blog Design." Congratulations, Iain. You are still the British Blogfather.

Predictably, Iain was most delighted by taking third place (jointly with Devil's Kitchen as the highest-ranking males) in the category of "Blogger you would most like to shag." Oo-err.