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2008 Witanagemot Club Political Blogging Awards

Link: The Witanagemot Club - 2008 Witanagemot Club Political Blogging Awards - In the Spotlight - News.

Many apologies for my temporary absence from blogging. My colleagues and I have been helping some clients and their business partners generate substantial "invisible earnings" for a number of Western governments to tax and squander. The contract was signed two nights ago, and I have been recovering since. The adrenaline high of a big deal is just as good as ever, but the bump with which I hit the ground afterwards gets nastier with age.

Header01Launching myself back into the blogging fray, I have just cast my votes in the Witanagemot Club blogging awards. On the basis that, if I voted for myself in any category, I ought then in all conscience to vote myself the "Blogger most desperate to win blogging awards", I didn't.

It's all in fun, but provides encouragement to many who selflessly put a lot of effort into sharing their thoughts (and in the best cases their wit) with us all. Please go here and vote yourselves. I am lobbying for no-one but I will tell you that the two blogs I voted for in the most categories were the two I turn to first each day, namely An Englishman's Castle and The Daily Mash.

An Englishman's Castle is what a blog should be; pithy, to the point, intelligent and amusing. The blogger's personality shines through, though no blog I read displays less egotism. He chats to you as he might down the pub. I wish we had a pub in common. I suspect "the Englishman" influences more people with his dry observations than many an interminable ranter (naming no names). Arguably, although it meets the technical definition, The Daily Mash is not a blog at all. It is a damn sight more professional than most print media and exponentially funnier, though not always suitable for perusing at your office computer.

My own question is much simpler than the Witanagemot survey (easy enough to complete though that was with the questions open in one tab and Google Reader in the other to cut and post the URLs of my favourite blogs). Which is the first blog you read each day, and why?