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Link: The Truth Laid Bear.

After over three years of blogging labour I have worked my way up from being "an Insignificant Microbe" in The Truth Laid Bear's blogging "ecosystem" until yesterday, briefly, I was ranked as "a Large Mammal". Today I am back to being a "Marauding Marsupial" and confidently expect to slip further to my just-about-sustainable ranking as "an Adorable Rodent". What, you may ask (what the ****, if you are a swearblogger) are you talking about? Essentially the TTLB "ecosystem" is a picturesque system of ranking blogs automatically by reference to incoming links. The top ten blogs count as "Higher Beings", currently led by the mighty Daily Kos. This is the US site that gives the lie to the feeble excuses for of Leftist bloggers in the UK. In the Land of the Free, where the entire political spectrum would fit comfortably in the right half of the Conservative Party and where David Cameron would be considered a dangerous pinko an unabashedly Left-wing site rules the blogging roost. Even her relentless energy can't get the formidable Madame Malkin out of second place.

The next thirty blogs are ranked as "Mortal Humans", including Hot Air (largely the petite Michelle Malkin again), Jihad Watch and The Volokh Conspiracy. If you have heard of any blogs at all, you must have heard of these. The next seventy are ''Playful Primates" and among this sub-elite are to be found Wonkette, Pajamas Media and the excellent Stuff White People Like. To put this in context, this is the level at which you will also find Engadget and Gizmodo, two sites with attractions well beyond those of political bloggers.

Our own big boys of political blogging such as Samizdata, ConservativeHome and Iain Dale cannot get higher than the status of "Large Mammal", which goes from the 101st most linked all the way down to the 2,617th. I can only assume (though I cannot be certain as the TTLB search facility sucks) that Guido disdains to register. If he did, I guess he would be a Large Mammal like Iain Dale. It is sobering to think that a blog about motherhood in Alaska (with "favorite recipes, reviews, crafts and giveaways mixed with stories of life in the Last Frontier") can comfortably outrank even those British political bloggers with enviable readerships.

I would encourage you to register with TTLB and to be brave enough to feature your ecosystem ranking in your sidebar. If I could cope for months with being "an insignificant microbe" so can you. TTLB's creator NZ explains that the "whimsical" names on the rankings are to remind us not to take them too seriously and of course he's right. No blogger's life depends on being ranked as a "higher being". However, it's a more accurate assessment of your blog's progress than most and if your blogging matters to you at all (why would you do it if it didn't?) it's hard not to smile at being moved up the TTLB ladder of blogging life.


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Tom Paine I predicted Deli. I know my place - and it's clearly going round and round on a little blogging wheel.

Ian Grey

You appear to be a Guinea Pig again.


I'm an adorable little rodent, though I was a marauding marsupial last week. I can't remember every being lower than a Flippery Fish.

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