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Justice must be seen to be done?

Link: Jean Charles de Menezes inquest: 44 police officers granted anonymity - Telegraph.

If these policemen were employed by a totalitarian state (e.g. Zimbabwe) our press would call them a "death squad." Here, in our democracy, no-one even seems surprised that, not only will they face no criminal charges for gunning down an innocent man, they will not even face his family across a coroner's court. Where are the "War on Terror" merchants now to tell these officers that "if they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear?" Why don't they come out of the shadows to challenge the following statement?

"...the officers at the scene conspired to perjure themselves in stating that warnings of "Police" or "Armed Police" were given before firing and that de Menezes moved towards them in response. Seventeen witnesses, given no chance to collude, all confirmed he was shot dead without warning. Anyone with experience of criminal trials will tell you that such unanimity is almost unheard of. Policemen who give false evidence under oath are not worthy of our support..."

The Jean-Charles de Menezes case is what finally brought home to me what my country has become. A nation of cowards prepared to sacrifice truth, justice and liberty in the vain hope of safety from enemies real and imagined. A nation ruled by a political class devoid of honour or principle; a political class quite capable of lying about terrorist threats in order to justify self-serving actions. A nation which will allow its leaders to throw away everything (Magna Carta, habeas corpus, jury trials, the right to silence, the rule on double jeopardy, the presumption of innocence) which ever made it worthy of respect.


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Steven Howard

Great post! I have been trying to find as much health and safety information as possible as i have just started a new job at a health and safety consultancy company and must comend you on your blog. You have outlined exactley the sort of information i was researching. Please keep posting great up to date information so people like me can keep checking back. Best regards Steve

Letters From A Tory

A lot of people should have gone down because of this, yet they all remain protected and hidden in the shadows.

Dave Petterson

It was that day my grnddaughter was born and I read about this execution and thought 'What a screwed up world she was growing up in'. I then started blogging.

It seems to have gotten a lot worse since. Probably because I'm actually learning more from outside the MSM.


"A nation which will allow its leaders . . . ."

I agree with you but, frankly, what can I, as an individual, do? There is no legal realistic opposition to the political class which now controls the UK in the sense of an alternative government in waiting. The only real resistance available is what the Army called "dumb insolence" - the refusal to cooperate willingly. Joining UKIP or any other of the marginal libertarian or quasi-libertarian parties is almost meaningless. Not because such an action means, at least, "doing something", but because the "something" has such little effect on the political outcome.

What I try to do (and what I believe you do) is to follow the example of>Victor Klemperer and "bear witness" (although he took a wrong turning post WW2). I bore my friends (and my wife) with my reiteration of what is happening to this country. I try to open their eyes to the mendacity of the political class, the sloppiness of the MSM, the bias of the BBC and all the rest of the crap exemplified by Mandela worship, the anthropomorphic climate change swindle and the "take us back to the Stone Age" sustainability myth. I encourage my children to go to (or, in one case, stay in) the US: they have no future here. They are, after all, properly educated and prepared to work hard, neither of which are virtues in a country that>rewards examinees on their ability to write "f*** off!" legibly enough to read.

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