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If Glasgow East isn't a Labour seat...

Link: BBC NEWS | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | SNP stuns Labour in Glasgow East.

...where is? Is this the end of triangulation in British politics, with the core vote taken for granted by New Labour finally biting back? Does it signal the end of the United Kingdom? Democracy is such a crude tool when you think about it. For all my undoubted schadenfreude at Labour's richly-deserved humiliation, I am not sure what the voters of Glasgow East have said.


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Colin Campbell

In practical terms they said Gordon Brown and Labour, get stuffed.

Quack Quack as the duck waddles into oblivion.


When a constituency that has 50% dependency on the State, votes against Labour- there is a world of crap going on.

My fear is that we are seeing what happened in the Weimar in the 1920's A corrupt and bankrupt Banking system, the population being squeezed and inept centre parties with no policies, and people resorting to Nationalism as the only viable route out.

Alex Salmond has a tiger by the tale, I really hope he can ride it. He is an erudite and educated leader, I do not want to see this breakdown into Nationalist violence.

Why Cameron is calling for a General Election whilst not advocating a viable economic alternative defeats logic, all I see is a committment to match Labour on Tax and spend, and to keep the Union together, by merging with the UUP. He is a leader fighting a new war with the tactics of the last one.

Brown is now just a lame duck, that is the only certainty, and Des Browne will be the scapegoat.

Letters From A Tory

They have said that the Labour Party is in a terrible state in Scotland and they are not happy with the way that Gordon Brown is taxing the c*** out of everyone while keeping all the proceeds to himself.

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