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Emma Watson on Education - aargh.

"The noble Lord would say that, wouldn’t he?"

Link: Mr Eugenides: "The noble Lord would say that, wouldn’t he?".

If it is true that the holders of EU pensions

"... can lose them if they fail to uphold the EU’s interests or bring the EU into disrepute"

the interesting question is "why?" What on Earth goes on in the EU that it needs to put its pensioners under such pressure? Can you imagine any other body rendering former employees destitute because they drew attention to its defects or errors? I wonder if this intriguing fact is in any way connected to the EU's  auditors having been unable to sign off its accounts for 12 years?

Another interesting question is how you could "bring into disrepute" an organisation with the democratic values of Ghengis Khan and the morals of Madame de Pompadour.


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