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Brown's first anniversary marked with humiliating defeat

Link: Brown's first anniversary marked with humiliating defeat in Henley byelection | Politics |

Img_0150Britain's ruling party lost its deposit. It was beaten so soundly that only the Guardian could be optimistic enough to speak of Brown's "first anniversary" as if there might be a second. To hell with blogging. I am off to have a very big drink tonight. I shall sip my g&t looking out over the Moscow rooftops with renewed hope in my heart.


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Colin Campbell

The citizenry seem even more pissed off with NuLab and Gordon Brown than they were with Mrs Thatcher and the Conservatives. I am also surprised that the Conservatives are not more in your face on some of these important issues. Even Bob Piper has accepted a Labour defeat next time around.

Kevyn Bodman

I only half share your pleasure.
Yes, NuLab have done a lot of damage, and I'm pleased to see them hurting.

But the Conservatives have yet to display sufficient principles,policies and energy. And many of their supporters appear on blogs advising Cameron to pursue the tactics of not saying much about policy direction.
Conservatives are politicians too.
Therefore we should be sceptical about them too.

Cameron could announce the following policies now:
Abandon ID cards
Repeal 42 day detention
Amend the Serious and Orghanised Crime Act so that it doesn't criminalise demonstrators
Have a referendum on Lisbon.

Why won't he?
Don't be too excited about the ineviable change of government the UK is going to get;the government is not to be trusted, and that's a timeless universal truth so it'll apply to the next lot too.

Nevertheless, enjoy your G&T. No Islay malt?

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