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Two million Britons emigrate in 10 years

Link: Two million Britons emigrate in 10 years - Telegraph.

It requires courage, enterprise and optimism to uproot yourself from the comforts of the culture in which you grew up and live somewhere else in the world. I am convinced that the Labour Government has systematically given Britain a "people transfusion," replacing disgruntled citizens who don't like Labour's authoritarian regime with Third World immigrants who find Soviet Britain relatively attractive. Sustained immigration is the only way to sustain the Ponzi scheme of the underfunded Welfare State. How else to find suckers to pay through future taxation the costs of today's pensions and benefits?

The error in their thinking is in the first sentence of this post. Just as the people who choose to leave Britain are likely - on average - to be of better quality than the ones kept in place by inertia, so are the economic migrants who arrive to replace them. The problem with the BNP's world view is that the lowest of the low in our country are not the immigrants at all, but those among the native "economically inactive" who choose to live as parasites on "benefits". If someone could find a way to persuade them to leave the country, we might be onto something.