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Link: BBC NEWS | Politics | Tories snatch Crewe from Labour.

This is a fairly amazing result. I could hardly have been more wrong. I shall not even try to think about what it would mean if translated into General Election terms; it's just too ridiculous.

I can't help feeling that David Cameron may have over triangulated. The Conservatives cannot have won such a majority in such a seat without lifelong Labour people voting for them. We are talking about voters not even worth winning over because they could only be kept on board by betraying every important Conservative value.

Given that Gordon Brown was supposed to be more in touch with "Old Labour" voters than Blair, one can only explain this in Guido Fawkes' terms; i.e. that Brown is a jonah. If he survives the week, then Labour has no political gumption left at all. One can only hope and dream they are really so ineffectual. Surely not?


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