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Lies, Sex and BBC Drama

Link: Baroness Thatcher tried to seduce Sir Edward Heath for Conservative seat, new BBC drama claims - Telegraph.

Though the British Left hates her for appealing to the working classes more than they ever did, they have never been able to find any evidence of Margaret Thatcher behaving in an unprincipled way. Can anyone doubt they have tried? There is a reason for their failure, and it is neither their undoubted ineptitude nor the mist of rage that clouds their vision whenever they think of her. Now the shameless BBC describes a drama in which she is portrayed as trying to seduce Ted Heath "during her hunt for a Conservative seat" as "light hearted and imaginative." I cannot dispute the "imaginative" part, but I have no doubt their red hearts were heavy with malice.

Quite apart from the fact that Margaret is a devout Christian and quite possibly the least-likely woman on Earth to prostitute herself, she was rated by the first Conservative agent ever to interview her as the most promising candidate she had ever met. She had no need to resort to dubious tactics. Even if we are "imaginative" enough for a moment to consider that she might have considered it, I am quite sure that - even as a young woman - she was worldly-wise enough to know that such an approach to Mr Heath, a confirmed bachelor, would be counter-productive.


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Basically the redux of history to suit the debased standards of today-

Rob F

I'm not going to believe that one for a minute. Is this "drama" from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation meant as some kind of comedy or something?

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