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Britain’s rubbish rules

Link: How should we overhaul Britain’s rubbish rules? - Telegraph.

DustmenPlanet Earth calling the British middle classes! Please read all the idiotic comments against the linked piece in the Telegraph and then note this fact - reported by a family member in the Labour North who has no reason to lie (being a lifelong supporter of the Party, who regularly squirms at my criticisms of it). A young dustman there of her acquaintance (not one of the gentlemen in the picture) claims to be collecting £800+ per week in "tips" for accepting rubbish from customers against the current rules. Now, ladies and gentlemen, what do you think will be the practical effect of imposing more such rules? Are you now prepared to consider that changing the rules of the Welfare State to get the bulk of the 5.5 million currently on benefits back to work (rather than continuing dangerously to infantilise them) might yield (among many other improvements) enough new members of the workforce to do nightly rubbish collections (as in Russia, where my trash is collected at about 2am every day) and then sort the rubbish so collected? Or would you prefer to obsess about sorting through filth in your highly-expensive homes; thus effectively providing waste processing plants rent-free to your local council?


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