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A luvvie laments

How lame is this?

Lipdub Europe United par les Jeunes Européens - France
Uploaded by JeunesEuropeensFrance

If this is the sales pitch for a federal EU, what on earth would the reality be like? The video is every bit as lame as their case. It is so cringe worthy that it takes a strong will to see it through to the end. Something tells me these are future leaders of Europe though; it's the fact that - according to the credits - it took eight of them to have the "original idea" for the video. But let's be fair here. Can any reader point us to an equally dire anti-federalist film?

(A tip of the titfer to A Very British Dude.)


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Harriet Shone

This isn't exactly an EU production. It was just made by some random French young Europeans group. This can't be used as proof of how the EU has's entirely irrelevant in the federalism debate.


We're doomed...

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