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Afghan aeroplane hijacker is working at British Airways training centre

Link: Afghan aeroplane hijacker is working at British Airways training centre - Telegraph.

Today, as I return to Russia, I shall face the manifold annoyances and humiliations of "security theatre" as losers in uniforms at the airport revel in their power to call me "mate," give me hell and generally make themselves feel important. Allegedly, this is all in the interests of my safety. At the same time, hijackers are being given security passes to Heathrow Airport. It's infuriating, but not surprising. During my recent trip to Europe by car, I was stopped and searched only once - on my way out of England.

If there were any logic at all to the British approach to security, I would have to conclude that the French, Swiss and Italian authorities don't care at all how many of their people are blown up by terrorists. I prefer to hope that their unobtrusive security measures are intelligently targeted on people who pose a real threat, rather than designed to cause maximum inconvenience to the travelling public.


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Harriet Shone

Isn't this lacking security in Europe a result of The Schengen Agreement put into place by the EU that you hate and despise so much? Perhaps you will now have to question your own Euro-sceptism...if it wasn't for the EU then there would be tight security at every border, not just the UK one which is only the case because we opted out of that clause.


You miss the point... Here in egalitarian England, we practise "equal opportunity" terrorism. Everyone therefore has to be inconvenienced, rather than just targetting potential threats by good intelligence work.


I was in Berlin last week and there was none of the security nonsense there that we have in the UK.

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