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From Lochinver

Light blogging alert

I am currently en route to England to pick up Vittoria from the dealer in Manchester. I shall be driving her to Scotland tomorrow for a "get to know you" tour of Highland roads. I have no hotels booked (except for the first night in Fort William - email [email protected] if you are in those parts and fancy a whisky tomorrow night). Otherwise, in an escape from a life regimented by Microsoft Outlook, I shall just make things up as I go along. Sadly, there is no guarantee of internet access (other than, perhaps, via my iPhone) in Highland & Island accommodation.

If I can keep you informed of our progress, I shall. But propose to forget our tyrannous government for a week and focus on life's pleasures. I hope to rediscover the nice (if rather naive) young chap I was before Labour's assault on our liberties made me so embittered. If a mere car can achieve that (with the assistance of Scotland's natural beauty) then she will be well worthy of her portentous name.

+rant mode OFF+


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Tom Paine

Thanks for the steer to Lochinver, Roger. I am writing this from the waterside there, after an amazing drive from Skye. Stretches where Vittoria could let rip alternated with single track roads, some lined with jagged stone walls, where we had to slow to a crawl. And over every rise, a view more spectacular than the previous one. She's resting elegantly on the Assynt Visitor Centre car park right now, while I seek out a coffee and a place to stay the night. I am afraid blogging will be non-existent as queries about Internet access are greeted with a chuckle in the hotels of these parts.

Roger Thornhill

Enjoy - some fantastic roads up there to be sure. Are you heading further north from Ft William? Lochinver tends to be my base.


So TP, don't wrap yourself around a tree while listening to the sexy voice of the GPS operator. I'm sure Vittoria will delight you and let's hope the Scots do the right thing by you. I'm sure they will be so impressed by the car that the service will be impeccable. Greasing the Scottish palm helps too.

Rob F

I work at Manchester Uni so if you're ever in these parts again, just let me know and I'll introduce you to the student bars!

Not too sure what the whisky is like, but the imported Gutterotte and Koma lagers sure are cheap...


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