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Dr Crippen is unwell

Link: NHS Blog Doctor: Dr Crippen is unwell.

How strange. At least one blogspot blog can be accessed from Shanghai. Is the Great Firewall breached, or do the censors favour NHS blogs?

The NHS Blog Doctor - Doctor Crippen - is feeling a little peeky today. Having lambasted the Taxpayers' Alliance for criticising the high pay of public servants - notably County Council Chief Executives - he researched the background of some of the highest paid such mandarins (presumably in order to find evidence that they were worth every penny). What did he find? The Chief Executive of Kent is a former nurse-quacktitioner. Regular readers of his blog will know precisely how highly Doctor Crippen rates those.

Delicious. All credit to the good doctor, however, for having the honesty to post about it.

UPDATE: Today it seems that all Blogspot blogs are accessible. Hmmm.