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So, Members of Parliament, are we a democracy or not?

Link: MPs face EU referendum pressure after poll - Telegraph.

The British public is usually so woolly-minded that I doubt it would be 88% in favour of the sun continuing to shine. Rarely has a test of public opinion produced such a dramatic result. We clearly want the government to honour one of the key pledges upon which it was elected and we expect members of Parliament to force it to do so. Given the sophistry of the EU's future pensioners, I fear we may be disappointed.

If the House of Commons does not vote for a referendum on the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty this week, it will be fully apparent to all but the meanest intellect in what contempt our rulers hold us.


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Letters From A Tory

Seeing as blowing up the Houses of Parliament is generally frowned upon these days, I think we're pretty screwed.

Kevyn Bodman

If/when it becomes 'fully what contempt out rulers hold us' what do we do then?

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