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BMA wants nurses to address patients formally

Link: BMA wants nurses to address patients formally - Telegraph.

This is the first sense the BMA has uttered in some time. These things actually matter. It's easier to neglect or ignore a person with whom you are on first name terms. Ask any long-married couple if you don't believe me.

I loathe the presumption of Brits who address me by my first name, particularly in its familiar form. Worse are the Northerners who insist on calling me "mate," and the Nottingham types who say "me duck".They are so blind to their rudeness that such hints as repeatedly using their surname don't work. In exasperation, I usually end up saying "You can only call me that if you have slept with me first".

Sadly, even such strong tactics do not always deter, so be careful how you use them - especially with nurses.