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Tom, she's beautiful.

Can I suggest Sofia?


I have to admit that I subverted the system by using another computer to register a second vote. You can ignore it. You've probably already made up your mind anyway or your wife has chosen.

Ian Grey

No Betsy on the list...

Tom Paine

Thanks, Guthrum. It would be difficult to love a Lucrezia, don't you think?


Dark dangerous and Italian- Lucrezia- not on your list.
Enjoy !


I voted for 'Francesca' for the car and 'Lucky Bastard' for the owner.


OK I voted. I think it is important to have a name that is easy to pronounce in both Italian and English. I liked more than one of them, can I vote again, once every 24 hours?
I cannot seem to get myself into the Blogpower group at SL. I even went to help island and asked a mentor who said that when I connect the first thing should be an offer to accept the invitation. Today there was a purple security blob in the BCR who moved if I approached to close. Perhaps you could send me an invitation once again, since that is what the mentor suggested.

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