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Useful Idiots

Link: UK Parliament - Early Day Motions By Details.

Everyone who signed this early day motion is unfit to be a member of a free parliament. Everyone who voted for these wretches is unfit to be a citizen of a free country. Other bloggers are calling for them to be hanged. I understand their outrage, but - as yet - stupidity is not a criminal offence in Britain. Indeed, judging by the outpourings of our political classes and our media, it seems more likely to be made compulsory than to be criminalised.

I cannot say I would grieve much to see these despicable people swinging from a rope tied to a lamp post. I fear I might even smile at the sight. I am too much of a libertarian to urge it though. They are free men and women (no thanks to their own efforts) and have a perfect right to be stupid. However you also have a perfect right (if one of them is your MP) to set them straight. Here is a useful website that will help you do it with minimal effort. The links above will provide plenty of useful material for your letter.

If you are a consituent of one of these fellow-travelling useful idiots, you can also make a point of letting all of your friends and neighbours know. Most represent constituencies which would elect a gerbil wearing a Labour rosette. Some constituencies actually have. However, many also have new constituents from Eastern Europe who understand precisely the nature of the Castro regime. I lived 11 years in Poland. I suspect that if you let your Polish neighbours know about their MP's dictator-idolatry, the effects will be striking. As EU members they are all entitled to register to vote. It would be great if the sons and daughters of the victims of communism could help us rout its remaining sympathisers in Britain.