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The UK Libertarian Party

Link: The UK Libertarian Party - Welcome.

Lpuk_001Britain has a new political party, which I am glad to be able to support. Membership is only £10 (though feel free to contribute more). Follow the link for details. There is, no doubt, a long road ahead. Taking on the established political parties, united in their view that the voting public is a mere source of cash for their respective schemes, will not be easy. At least someone has made a start.

The picture shows the new party's flag flying in Second Life, from the stern of my avatar's yacht.


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Ian Grey

I've lobbed my £10 at them, but only after I noticed you had mentioned it here. I do visit the forums but have been busy the last few days.

I haven't got round to reading the constitution yet, but I will do so.

I've not paid too much attention to the policy forums, I'd rather see the outcomes than get bogged down in the minutae with the policy wonks..

Tom Paine

Is anyone actually pro-war as a general proposition? I am not forming policy and will follow the process with interest. A libertarian small state must be able to defend its borders, but the nature of the beast would surely miltate against militarism? This will be one of many fascinating debates. The formation of the party should at least shut up the tedious statist bloggers of the braindead left who say libertarianism is negative and that its proponents only know what they are against, not what they are for.

David Davis

This is interesting. We at the Libertarian Alliance have been arguing about the usefulness or not, of this, for some time. We shall watch with interest.


This is interesting. I have just subscribed to them, I am interested on their position on the UK security, military and foreign interventionism... Anti-war I wonder?

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