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Welcome back, Dr Crippen

Link: NHS Blog Doctor: A Fresh Start.

The NHS Blog Doctor, who was so much missed during his blog break that rumours of his death circulated, is back. Welcome, sir. He's off to a fine fresh start with the linked post:

Last Saturday, we had a re-union dinner of a group of doctors who have kept in touch since medical school. Some GPs, some consultants, and even a well known medical politician. You would have heard of him. All long-standing friends and all, over the last two years, a constant source of inside-track information. They have been missing their opportunity to vent their spleen through Dr Crippen.

And then, one of those wine-induced dinner-party epiphanies. The Paediatric Professor ... said,

    “You know, if I were suddenly taken ill, I would be terrified to be admitted to a British NHS Hospital.”

We went round the table. Each and every one of the ten doctors present felt the same.

It is time to start again.

Hear hear. Britain's Soviet healthcare system is a national disgrace. Which politician will have the nerve to say so though?