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Tory Derek Conway gave £260,000 to family

Link: Tory Derek Conway gave £260,000 to family - Telegraph.

The gods have given David Cameron a chance. Today he can prove he is a better leader than the despondent ditherer from Fife. He should withdraw the Conservative Whip from Mr. Conway forthwith and quite possibly file a report with the police. Unless of course he knows of some reason why that would be wrong. In that case he should make the reason public without delay.

British voters need no pious declarations from him about probity in politics. They do not need to hear about his Party being "whiter than white." They have every reason to know that any scoundrel can say that. If confidence in British politicians is ever to be restored, voters need action not words. Once a country assumes that all politicians are corrupt, only corrupt people will embark on political careers. Once that happens, the situation (as many in post-Communist countries will attest) is almost impossible to retrieve by peaceful means.

Mr. Cameron can do his country a greater service today than ever before. I hope he seizes the opportunity.


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