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Three cheers for the fighting Irish

Link: How three robbers fled after victim fought back - Telegraph.

This self-made, self-reliant gentleman (God bless him) is the human material for a great nation. Starting with £30 in his pocket, he has created wealth and jobs and kept his spirit, despite every depredation of the parasitical idlers and their political sponsors. I particularly enjoyed his observation (describing a life and death fight with three thugs that left him appallingly injured) that;

I have never used a weapon in my life and it was a great feeling.

All of us who fear the underclass criminal scum whose health and safety is guaranteed by the government's forced disarming of honest citizens can imagine that feeling very well. Good on him.

This whingeing loser complaining about a little political cut and thrust (after his own side has lied through its collective teeth and indulged in every conceivable dirty trick for a decade) is the precise opposite. He works in a newsagent's kiosk, once "helped run a coffee shop" and has manufactured nothing in his life but the envy which motivates him politically.

Which of them is more representative of modern England?