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Guilt by association?

Link: Diary | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited.

Guilt by association anybody? Pay close attention to the use of the passive voice in the linked article as various leftist luminaries complain of the way they were treated by members of the public at a public meeting. Frankly, given the damage they have collectively done to our nation, they were lucky to escape with no more than verbal abuse.

Without a shred of evidence that the people of whom they complain had any claim to speak for his party, they try to sling mud at the Conservative speaker (although admitting in passing that he was in "obvious discomfort" at the remarks made).

I have news for Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. I too have been called a c**t in my time and I honestly didn't feel the need to call my race or sex in aid. If her skin pigmentation no longer bubble-wraps the second most odious woman in British journalism perhaps it is a sign of progress towards racial equality? Welcome to the life of the ordinary Briton, Yasmin. Enjoy.

How delightful, incidentally, that such smear tactics are supported by this person ("person" being pronounced here as Lady Bracknell might pronounce "handbag"). This, though he is always so quick to complain of any robust attack upon his heroes. This, though he appears constitutionally incapable of writing "David Cameron" more than 10 words away from "Bullingdon Club." I suppose, given the feeble calibre of the present Cabinet, we must simply be grateful that he is not yet Home Secretary.