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The Daily Mash (who are these guys? - their "about" page is strangely coy) continues to set the standards for British satire. How I chuckled as I set off for the airport to return to the relative sanity of Russia. Satire always dies under Labour, as the luvvies of the British media back off to let "their boys" have a free run. When the Conservatives are in power, we get such high class stuff as Not the Nine O'Clock News, Spitting Image and Yes, Minister. When Labour rules, we get such trash as The Goodies or Little Britain as homo sovieticus attempts to distract the peasantry from missed tractor production targets with mindless State Circus clowning.

The high quality satire from the Daily Mash therefore suggests that Labour is already on the way out. I particularly loved this mock quote from a Davos official;

The organisers said this year's event set a new record for the number of billionaires who arrived by helicopter to talk about the ghastliness of poverty.

but do go and read the whole thing. If satire is back, political sanity cannot be too far behind.


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Mr Eugenides

I believe that one of the founders of the Daily Mash was formerly (or indeed may still be) the Scottish spokesman for "Forest", the smokers' rights group.

I'm no smoker myself, but he's sound on the essentials.

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