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Best Blogpower Blog Post of 2007

Link: Blogpower: Call for Nominations for Best Blog Post of 2007 by BP members.

TrophyJMB over at Nobody Important is organising a round up of the best Blogpower posts of 2007. If you are a Blogpower member, head over to the linked post to get the details. I have spent a little time this morning running through my posts last year to see if I have one I can modestly submit. So far, these are the candidates (in no particular order):

Questions of conscience (why forcing religious adoption agencies to cater to gays is wrong)

Social Justice -v- Justice (why it is wrong to apply social criteria to educational selection)

How English am I? (a reflection on Matt Sinclair's thoughtful criticisms of one of my posts)

What can we hope to achieve? (the concluding part of a three-part post entitled "What is the point of blogging?")

Show of Hands at the Royal Albert Hall (a controversial review of a folk concert's audience)

Edukashun, Edookayshen, Education (a comment on the grammar school controversy)

Ban Koran like Mein Kampf, says Dutch MP (a piece about freedom of speech)

We pay to have an underclass (comments from life on the effects of "social policy")

"Fear of prejudice" let gay carers abuse boys (the new British aristocrats of Labour's client groups)

The Jean Charles memorial blog round up (the Menezes story, as seen by other bloggers)

Any views?