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Visiting with the Sopranos

Link: Tour Sopranos Sites in New York City and New Jersey.

Blogger_with_vitoBlogger_at_dinerDsc_2260Blogger_in_booth I don't think I have ever mentioned here how much I have enjoyed the TV series, "The Sopranos." Although it is uncomfortable viewing at times (your blogger is a sensitive soul with no appetite for violence) it is also witty, clever and well-written.

As I am in New York, I took the chance to join a bus tour of Sopranos locations around New Jersey. I was nervous that my companions might all be geeks and obsessives, but actually I may have been one of the worst Sopranos geeks there. It was great fun. To my surprise, a cast member turned up - Joe Gannascoli, who plays "Vito" in the series - and I was photographed with him.

Here I am on the steps of the diner where two aspiring young mobsters attempted to "whack" Christopher Moltisanti (played by Michael Imperioli). And here is the commemorative plaque in the booth at Holsten's in Bloomfield, NJ where the final scene of the series was shot. I was photographed there too, in Tony Soprano's last seat (click photos to enlarge).

I had a fun day and didn't think about Gordon Brown or the death of civil liberties in Britain once.


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You DO look like your SL avatar!

Hope you had fun in New York.

Colin Campbell

New Jersey was my first ever stop in the US when I moved there. I must have driven up and down the turnpike over 100 times. It became very familiar. I have never seen the Sopranos, but I can imagine some of the shooting (film) sites. What an unfortunate pun. Happy New Year Tom. Are you going to talk some sense into James? He just can't let it go.

Jeremy Jacobs

Looks as though you've had a really good time. How was US Immigration this time?

Welshcakes Limoncello

Oh, I would love to do that tour!

Buon anno 2008, Tom.


I must catch up with the Sopranos if you recommend it so highly, I watch so little TV. Glad you are enjoying New York. I wish you and your family a very happy New Year.

Dave Petterson

Deli, You are so right.

Tom, I'm glad you had a good time away over the holiday period and took the opportunity to look at things of interest to yourself.

btw - Did you notice who that damned goggle box took another supporter of liberty and diverted his attentions away from the important things in life.

Only joking I know you are a stout defender of our liberties and everyone needs time off.

Have a good trip home and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Ian Grey

Even faceless, you look uncannily like your SL avatar.

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