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Study finds commercialism harms Britain's kids

Link: Study finds commercialism harms Britain's kids - Telegraph.

Image_840542Why does a serious, supposedly right wing, newspaper give credence to a study producing anti-capitalist results, commissioned by the National Union of Teachers? For that matter, why should anyone take seriously an organisation telling us that "Commercialism" is bad for our children, when it also tells us that comprehensive education is good for them?

Frankly, I am much more concerned about the political propaganda which occupies so much of the curriculum in Britain's schools. I rather doubt that the NUT will be sounding alarm bells about that any time soon.

One part of this story did make me smile. The report informs us that

Nearly a third are unhappy with how they look.

I am surprised the Puritans of the NUT are not onto the problem. Surely physical attractiveness is "elitist", "divisive" and "unfair?" That more than two-thirds think they look just fine must be unacceptable!

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