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Pension details of 6,500 lost in new data fiasco

Link: Pension details of 6,500 lost in new data fiasco - Telegraph.

The Daily Telegraph says the Government is "reeling." In what sense? Lord Denning used to say that he had "all the Christian virtues, except resignation." The members of this Government don't have that, or any other, virtue. They are shameless rascals to a man and woman.

It is a paradox to say that, when politicians were amateurs, they were more professional. But it is true. A politician who follows the path from studying politics at university, serving as a researcher or working in PR/GR or the political media directly into Parliament knows nothing of real life. A politician who had been a lawyer, business person or even trade unionist (if in the private sector) at least knew how the real world worked; how wealth was created. These idiots quite simply don't. They are prone, in consequence, to propose solutions that people in business would fire underlings even for contemplating.

If they knew how the world worked, they would understand that government on the scale we have it now is doomed to fail. Millions of people administering tens of millions of other people's money will never take care of how it is spent. Especially when more can simply be taken by force to meet any shortfall. Such people will inevitably be taken for a ride by service providers. They will be overcharged and under served in every respect. With no meaningful economic forces at play in their lives, their employees will be lackadaisical at best; corrupt at worst. Yet our "leaders" have no such concerns. Every day they propose some aspect of our lives that they should manage. The grandiosity of their schemes varies inversely with their ability to execute them. The fascist ID database and cards are the best examples. Forget the moral case for a moment, the scheme's proponents lack even the wit to understand why they can't make it work.

Their incompetence is proved daily but, frankly, it needs no proof. With the best will in the world how could an unutterable loser like Gordon Brown have acquired any practical skills when he has never done an honest job? He has done nothing but spin and plot since he was a student politician. In a sense, he still is a student politician; a naif, for all his grumpy affectation of worldly-wisdom. Most of my junior staff could (under my supervision) take him to the cleaners, while juggling thirty other tasks. Our rulers may be professional politicians, but they are amateurs at life. Yet still they aspire to lead the skilled, the experienced, the industrious and the talented. What fools they are. What greater fools we are to let them.


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