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Link: Chief scientist in sports cars warning to women - Telegraph.

NerdIt's official. The Government acknowledges no boundaries to its role in our lives. Now it is trying to tell women to which men they should be sexually attracted. One can't help wondering if they are being disinterested though. Does the Government's chief scientist (pictured, with cheesy grin) have no personal interest in suggesting attractive women should fancy nerds?

In the famous words of  Mandy Rice-Davies "Well he would, wouldn't he?"


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"And he singled out women who find supercar drivers "sexy", adding that they should divert their affections to men who live more environmentally-friendly lives."

More than anything else, I resent the underlying sentiment that he's expressing here.

Because, you know, all women want is a rich man with an expensive car. We're sooo predictably shallow that way.


Well.. I'm a nerd too, but as I've got an Aston Martin I'm getting more "action" than that pillock King could ever dream of! :-)


Sounds like good advice! Well, at least until I can afford a fancy sports car myself...

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