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The deceit behind global warming

Link: The deceit behind global warming - Telegraph.

Please read this, if only to get a flavour of the true character of Al Gore. Gore's involvement in building a new justification for State Power after the final discrediting of Socialism began when, as a young Senator, he chaired Senate hearings on "global warming." These hearings, arguably, started the whole juggernaut rolling. Gore had studied under Dr Roger Revelle, a distinguished American oceanographer, who had commissioned temperature readings which suggested there might be a problem.

Gore owes his Nobel Prize and his approaching canonisation to the Revelle connection. Yet, as the authors of the book reviewed in the linked article point out, he ratted out his mentor shamefully for political advantage. Speaking of Gore's failed efforts to get the US Senate to ratify the Kyoto Treaty in 1997 they comment;

Not the least of his efforts was his bid to suppress an article co-authored by Dr Revelle just before his death. Gore didn't want it to be known that his guru had urged that the global warming thesis should be viewed with more caution.

What scum these politicians are. Science and truth are nothing to them; nor are friendship, duty or the teacher/student relationship. All that matters to them is frightening the ignorant masses into giving them more power.

h/t The Englishman


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Kevyn Bodman

That's an excellent closing paragraph.
I will quote it repeatedly,starting this afternoon.
Politicians should always be mistrusted at best,often they should be treated with scorn and derision.
Sad, but true.

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