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Welshcakes Limoncello

Yes, British love of the underdog. Disgusting - the Chancellor should carry the can.


Charities are aware of a phenomenon known as "compassion fatigue". It occurs when one human disaster is soon followed by another and so on. Initially a surge of public sympathy for the victims of the early tragedies produces a flood of giving. As more demands are made on the good will of the givers, a law of diminishing returns kicks in. Despite the needs of the later victims being just as great as the early ones, funds dry up.

I see something similar happening in the sphere of political affairs in England. A mess-up, followed by a cock-up, followed by a scandal, followed by a tragey, followed by a disaster; each time there are victims, some hapless scapegoat is set up by the government. At first the majority of people believe the government's story, then someting else happens and a few more people feel uneasy with the official line, eventually most people become sceptical. In the process, they become inured to the propaganda and lies. In order to protrct themselves, they withdraw and eventually stop feeling for the victims, as a result, they become less human. These are the proven methods used by totalitarian regimes everywhere, and they work. Now we see them being used in our own country.

Dave Petterson

If only they had one. I'm no longer convinced. There are many people with one, such as yourself, but I'm beginning to believe that the general public in the UK no longer has one. You just have to listen to the way they are happy for us to keep shooting people, holding them without charge, etc. on the assumption that it will only be brown people so they don't care.

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