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After the interesting results obtained by my friends, this is something of a let-down
A Guardian article I can agree with...

Prodicus: Dear Foreign Secretary,

Link: Prodicus: Dear Foreign Secretary,.

Gentle readers, may I commend you to the linked post by Prodicus? This sort of thing is what the British political blogosphere is for. Though he himself feels he may have gone "a little over the top", I beg to differ.

We have lived to see our country betrayed to an unelected, anti-democratic foreign power. This was done, fraudulently, in breach of a manifesto pledge by the Labour Party. Labour stands alone in its hatred of the British people and all we stand for. Not only would it cheerfully surrender power to foreign rulers,  it has imported and bribed Third World voters by the million to rig elections (sometimes literally) in its favour.

Prodicus has not gone "over the top." Frankly, it is hard to see what, short of political assassination, would be "over the top" in the face of unabashed treason. When you have read what he has to say, hie thee to the Pro Referendum Rally site, naieve though any attempt may be to hold the most mendacious political whores in our history to what passes for their word.


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I have taken advice from Prodicus.
My M.P. will be recieving a copy of his letter

Dave Petterson

Political assassination? For this lot it would be called executed for treason.

This is one law I would like to see applied retrospectivly.


Brilliant stuff, I think that post will be turning up on Milicunts desk somepoint soon,

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