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Link: Mars Hill: Personalities and Politics.

That insufferable, God-bothering little twerp Paul Burgin piously has a go at the Blogfather today for allegedly "making personal attacks" [on the one-eyed Fuehrer of das Schottische Reich] "for electoral gain."

I knew that, to expose him, all I would have to do would be to type "Bullingdon" into the search box on his blog. Bingo. What a hypocrite. Personal attacks are only deplorable if they are on his Leader, it seems.


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Angry, James? I am angry almost all the time these days but I was laughing when I wrote that one. Almost everyone in politics who calls for "no personal attacks" is being an hypocrite. In the internet age, it takes seconds to nail them as such, so one wonders why they bother. As for the personal attacks on Burgin (and, on this occasion, Brown) they were just ironic internal references to the subject matter. Paul doesn't bother me, just God. And Brown is made deliciously weaker by every Labourite who tries to protect the poor wee feartie from the political savaging he so richly deserves.

james highamj

I love it when you're angry.


No Tom, no no no. Paul Wossname is perfectly right: you shouldn't attack Brown. Just look at how upset the poor dear got when Cameron -that heartless bastard- savaged him for bottling out of an early election. The man obviously has feelings and none of us want to see him cry, so stop it. I'm warning you, I'll call the RSPCA if I have to...

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