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Libertarians are the True Social Parasites?!

Link: » Libertarians are the True Social Parasites.

This may just be the most offensive piece of twaddle the Guardian has ever published. From a newspaper that enjoys the services of Polly Toynbee, that is a big claim. Monbiot delights sneeringly in the hypocrisy of Matt Ridley, who went cap in hand to the Bank of England on behalf of Northern Rock’s depositors. This, despite having written articles railing “…against taxes, subsidies, bailouts and government regulation…”

Ridley is a hypocrite, perhaps. To extrapolate that everyone whose lips are not firmly clasped to the flowing nipple of Mother State is also a hypocrite is a stretch. Even for the man whose name is so close to “moonbat” that one wonders if the pejorative was invented for him.

To extrapolate that small-State libertarians are “parasites” is beyond a stretch. It’s just stupid. Were it up to us, there would be no Central Bank to bail Northern Rock out. Absent the moral jeopardy created by State guarantees of deposits, depositors would have spread their money widely and chosen banks with care or would have lost it. I doubt if Northern Rock could have attracted many depositors without the State's original guarantee (and the hope of the bigger one produced in a crisis).

Monbiot perfectly expresses the Socialist’s contempt for his fellow-man when he writes:

Whenever modern humans, living outside the narrow social mores of the clan, are allowed to pursue their genetic interests without constraint, they will hurt other people. They will grab other peoples’ resources. They will dump their waste in other peoples’ habitats, they will cheat, lie, steal and kill. And if they have power and weapons, no-one will be able to stop them except those with more power and better weapons…

In what a man fears you will do to him, you learn what he would – given the chance – do to you. God preserve us all from being in the power of George Monbiot. I did enjoy the semi-digested Marxian references to the supposed paradise of the hunter-gatherer clan – the “hominid troop” for which our Georgie is so nostalgic. The purpose of the State is, in his view, to put us into the same relationship with each other that we enjoyed in that state of grace.

“…We need a state that rewards us for cooperating and punishes us for cheating and stealing. At the same time, we must ensure that the state is also treated as a member of the hominid clan and punished when it acts against the common good…”

Since, inevitably, the State will define “the common good,” one wonders whom he thinks he's fooling, apart from himself. The present British mega-hominid has pigged itself out at the common trough, and its minions in law enforcement have simply declined to bring charges. What a joke.

Where was Monbiot during the 20th Century, when cheating and stealing was elevated to new levels in societies where the State was tasked as he would wish? Who were Hitler, Beria, Stalin, Mao, Chirac, Blair, Prescott and Castro but men with “more power and better weapons” and access to the wealth of their fellow-men that only a mighty State can confer?

I read the Guardian for material for my blog. It never fails. Nor does it ever fail to remind me of the strange world of BDSM. BDSM “submissives,” however, are playing a sexual game. They have agreed codewords to alert their “dom” or "domme" that the pain has become too much. The Guardian’s “subs” relish their enslavement to that great Dominatrix, the State, but there is no codeword that will stop it from stamping on their most delicate parts with the spiked heels of State Power. They may like that. Forgive me if I don't. And forgive me if I find it deeply offensive that, having suffered from the parasitism fostered by Labour my whole life, I should be called a parasite myself.


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What a load of illogical shite from the Moonbat, how can Libertarians, people who are willing to take responsibility for themselves be the "parasites"? That Ridley is a hypocrite is evident, but that doesn't somehow mean that pursuit of independence, resonsibility and personal liberty becomes parasitic, whilst genuinely parasitic, paternalistic, authoritarian statism becomes the provider of freedom. It's quite simply idiotic!


Our time will come ! Registration has been filed with 'The State' and we await the launch date


That Monbiot should write such bile says more than anything that I have seen in past months that the statists are worried.

They know that the Libertarians are coming, and they fear it.

You can almost smell the fear in the words put down, so we should play on that. At every turn, whisper in their ears, the libertarians are coming, when they sleep, let them dream that the libertarians are coming, making them awake with sweat sodden fear, for these people cannot live in the real world, a world where you survive on merit.

The Libertarians will give back to people what the centralist and statists have stolen. So yes Monbiot, be fearful of the common people, because the libertarians are coming...


Excellent post!

Monbiot's belief that Man is essentially evil and only the powerful centralist State can redeem him is pure guff. Socialists are as zealous and as wrongheaded as the early Popes.


You must remember that Monbiot is a great believer in organic farming methods which depend for their success upon copious quantities of bovine excrement.

james higham

Were it up to us, there would be no Central Bank to bail Northern Rock out.

Precisely. Man's a prat.

Dave Petterson

In what a man fears you will do to him, you learn what he would – given the chance – do to you.

I know what you are trying to say but now you yourself are generalising for one man. I may have fears,as you do, but it does not mean we would do that to others.

However, I think you are right with him.

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