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'Menezes 'aggressive' to officers'

Link: 'Menezes \'aggressive\' to officers'.

What an interesting definition of "aggressive". In our New Labour police state, it appears to mean "not submissive." Jean-Charles de Menezes reacted to being attacked by strangers in plain clothes exactly as a free man would. For this, he died.

At least he died a free man. At this rate, most Britons will not.


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Inspector Gadget

He was the 53rd victim of the July bombings.


I thought Shoot to Kill was done away with in the 1980s. The police's excuse was "they thought he was Asian" - does that mean they would not have shot a white person? Despicable.


Under a Tory Government someone would have resigned.

Welshcakes Limoncello

Do you not think it would have been the same under a Tory state, though, Tom? I am glad you are highlighting this case.


Orwell's 1984 must be prescribed reading for NuLiebour apparatchiks

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