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Link: Tim Worstall » Blog Archive » Alisher Usmanov Speech.

Tom Wise MEP repeated, under the protections of the parliamentary privilege of the European Parliament, some of the key allegations against Alisher Usmanov which led to Tim Worstall's Ireland's and Craig Murray's blogs being taken down recently at the request of Usmanov's lawyers. Tim Worstall has a summary on the linked page of his blog.

As a lawyer myself, I would like to disassociate myself from some of the unpleasant things written about Usmanov's solicitors. We lawyers are samurai, doing our warlords' clients' bidding within the rules of our professional code. The firm in question is suffering, because any attempt by clients to Google it now brings up pages of vitriolic commentary against it. It may be said to have acted honourably in attempting to advance its client's interests to its own detriment.

I am not sure that Mr Usmanov's interests have actually been advanced. Frankly, far more people now know of his alleged criminality than Craig Murray could have reached without his help.  Because of professional confidentiality, his lawyers can never reveal whether they acted on, or against, their own advice. Usmanov strikes me as the sort of client to thump a table and demand action, regardless of the advice offered.