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The Top 500 Political Blogs in the UK

Link: Iain Dale's Diary: The Top 500 Political Blogs in the UK - Voted for By You.

My thanks those who voted for the Last Ditch. I am surprised to be rated higher than many blogs I consider to be better; e.g. the relentlessly sound Bel is Thinking, the wittily brilliant As a Dodo, the seminal Nourishing Obscurity and the legendary The Policeman's Blog. I am also gratified to be ranked higher overall by my fell0w-bloggers than Iain placed me in his listing of "Right of Centre" blogs.

It is an index of the mess that the Conservative Party is currently in that my humble, amateur, part-time effort is rated 16 places higher than the Party Leader's fully-staffed, professionally-designed blog. Give up, Dave.