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Northern Rock: Gordon Brown's big gamble - Telegraph

The speech every Tory should be making

Link: Tories' economic legacy has been squandered - Telegraph.

Ruthlea The chickens are coming home to roost. It is time for the Tories to mulch Zac Goldsmith and his vote-rotting greenery and resume their natural role as the party of economic sense. In the linked article, Ruth Lea sets out the hard truths about Gordon Brown's "prudence" and "competence", the great chimeras of New Labour spin.

Every myth has its day to be exposed. Labour has led us into the economic wilderness. The working and lower middle-class people in the lines outside Northern Rock are waiting to hear the voice of sanity. Does David Cameron have it in him to speak for them? Or for the 21% of the British people who now say their finances are "under a lot of pressure?"

Most important of all; does he have the balls to take up the challenge of what Lea calls, wrily, "Britain's skill deficiencies?" Any idiot can spend borrowed money; squandering the wealth of others. But it takes an educated workforce to create wealth.

GreenspanIn an interview with the Telegraph today, Alan Greenspan makes three key points:

• Inflation will pick up dramatically over the coming years, as much as doubling from its recent lows.

• Interest rates may have to hit double figures in the coming years to keep price rises at their current low levels.

• Britain must overhaul its flagging education system or risk being left behind by other vibrant economies around the world.

These points have been made consistently by truly "prudent" voices in the wilderness. The electorate preferred Labour's siren song. Yet surely now, even the most ill-educated livestock on the Labour voter-farms can see the (Northern) rocks?