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Which book are you?
Maxwellian abuse of the defamation laws?


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Good news, Welshcakes! They have only borrowed the money from the taxpayers? Excellent. I look forward to them paying it back when they get an honest job.

Welshcakes Limoncello

They don't, though, Tom. As the daughter of a compulsive gambler [who was also a wonderful man] I can tell you that a lot of gamblers play with borrowed money - just like politicians, really!


Gambling is a distraction... To make meaningful what is not meaningful... by simply placing a bet on it... the most demoralised lives seek distraction. Smoke anyone? Bet on snail race anyone?
'The weak will inherit the earth...' In China there are many born every minute. One Dictator or Two Shaolin Monk?

Dave Petterson

Can it really be called gambling?

I see gambling as you have a chance, albeit a small one of winning. These guys never get anything right. It's almost as if they sit down with card sharks, get ripped off time after time, yet still think they know what they are doing and go back for more.


Nice- you deserve your Douglas Adams tag!


Good Point, and it is quite easy to get addicted to it, I understand

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