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I rather frightened myself in the discussions on my last post with the thought that my blog might, thanks to Google, become associated with its odious subject matter. According to my stats package however, it seems (at least not yet) to be the case. Here are the searches that brought people to The Last Ditch yesterday.

drill down 2 10.53% socrates's the unconsidered life
drill down 2 10.53% wellingborough blogs
drill down 1 5.26% example of justice
drill down 1 5.26% current affairs knowledge of last six month of world
drill down 1 5.26% quotes from children at slag heap in aberfan
drill down 1 5.26% tom paine
drill down 1 5.26% pictures of thomas paine's family
drill down 1 5.26% tom paine moscow
drill down 1 5.26% bbc smoking
drill down 1 5.26% gordon brown british values
drill down 1 5.26% do you agree with socrates's the unconsidered life
drill down 1 5.26% birthday breakfast
drill down 1 5.26% romania eu culture
drill down 1 5.26% arif ahmed
drill down 1 5.26% underclass telegraph
drill down 1 5.26% what to do to get ready to dance
drill down 1 5.26%

comments margaret thatcher and gordon brown

I can happily live with being associated with Socrates, Thatcher and Paine. I have no idea why "what to do to get ready to dance" should bring someone here. My terpsichorean talents are noteable only by their absence. I am delighted that anyone should have come to me looking for an "example of justice." I only hope he found it. It's a long time since I was in Wellingborough, but I find no shame (only puzzlement) in being associated with that fine town.

Do my fellow bloggers worry about the concepts with which Google may associate them? I hate memes, so please don't take this as one. However, I would be interested to hear your thoughts, whether in comments or on your own blogs.


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...Britain's political bloggers are, above all, a living rebuke to Britain's journalists. Perhaps that's why they hate us?...

Yes indeed. But the offer intrigues me. I've never received one whisper from anywhere in the MSM - perhaps that's because of my stance.

Congratulations, Tom, on your place in the Top 100 as well - it's just a little recognition of your true place as a top blogger.

Dave Petterson

Well, I was there yesterday and I didn't use any of those terms. I jumped from a link I use all the time.

I suspect all is not right in the data.

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