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Northern Rock: Gordon Brown's big gamble - Telegraph

Link: Northern Rock: Gordon Brown's big gamble - Telegraph.

"Brown's big gamble?" Or ours? Once again, even the Telegraph fails to recognise that our "prudent" Prime Minister is a mere trustee of the nation's wealth. It is not his to gamble.

I love the way the Northern Rock affair is described as a "contagion" which may spread. Given the government's handling of the foot and mouth crisis caused by its own negligence, it might do better to avoid such metaphors.

In truth, what is happening in the financial services sector is not a disease. It is not even unhealthy. It is the return of sanity after ten years of madness. But to a Government which has derived its popularity from the delusions brought on by that madness, sanity is a very ominous prospect.


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John Miller

And unbelievably, the "serious" press and most of the media support these thieving bastards. The Times calls it a "wise decision" by Brown and Darling (at least tacitly admitting that darling was merely a puppet) and it is condoned by the BBC.

The whole episode goes to prove that our rulers (no longer content to be leaders) have not one shred of political conviction. If a dyed in the wool socialist like Brown can instigate unheard of government intervention to prop up a mismanaged private institution, without any cries of dismay from the far left, then we know why Cameron is having so many problems. "The purpose of power is power" and Brown will do anything to get in and Labour supporters will put up with anything so long as their lot stay in power. So we have reverted to a Communist state, by virtue of abolishing capitalism when it is politically expedient and by virtue of having a ruling party which has no particular political convictions.

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