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Gordon Brown 'admires' Margaret Thatcher

Link: Gordon Brown 'admires' Margaret Thatcher - Telegraph.

Hasn't this triangulation crap gone far enough now? I never heard a worse thing about the Blessed Margaret than this. Margaret was a great leader who went into public life out of a sense of civic duty. She was motivated by firm political convictions and strong belief in her country.

Gordon Brown has never done an honest day's work in his life, having "progressed" from the shenanigans of student politics, via a pretence at political journalism, to what looks like being lifelong parasitism on the taxpayers. He is a shameless careerist, prepared to say any damn thing as long as he gets to lord it over those of his fellow men (pretty much all of them) that he sees as his inferiors. He is petulant, arrogant and (when it comes to other peoples' money) a mad spendthrift who has fruitlessly burned the work of millions to promote his own ambitions.

He is not fit to be mentioned in the same blog post as Margaret Thatcher, let alone to compare himself to her. How galling for Labour voters to be led by a man who admires their most hated adversary. How galling for Conservatives to be led by a man who admires theirs. No wonder party membership is declining on all sides; even more rapidly than voter turnouts. The time is out of joint and the cursed spite is that no-one seems to have been born to set it right.

God damn Dick Morris and the Clintons for their evil political innovation. God damn our benighted voters for falling for it for so long.


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Oh please. I'm no fan of Gordon Brown, but I'll be dancing on Thatcher's grave as soon as she has the decency to drop dead. She was motivated by insane political convictions a strong belief in greed.


I made a similar comment to Benedict that it's a bit like Carter comparing himself to JFK and Reagan's riposte: "You're no Jack Kennedy."


Your comments on Judge Sedley please, I am spitting feathers on this latest unelected figure views on DNA testing

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