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Apropos of nothing in particular

A new friend in Second Life introduced me to this video today. Country music can be embarrassing, I know. My daughters mock me relentlessly for my "redneck" tastes. I can handle it. Sometimes a good country song is just so real, that you have to love it (however much you think you shouldn't). This song is a case in point. The emotion in the singer's face is more authentic, I suspect, than all the faux sentimentality in a year of British TV news.

Look down on country music if you will, but I think this is an honest song, well sung. Hang your prejudices on a chair back and give it a listen.


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Richard Havers

Loved it! Just brilliant.

fake consultant

looking for a new "old-school" country band you likely don't know?

check out marley's ghost. (you'll find song samples on the page.)

cowboy lullabye might be the most perfect country song...since david allen coe. (although, in fairness, junior brown might disagree...)

i almost forgot...ever heard of candye kane?
if not, try "misunderstood", "daydream", or "what happened to the girl" for a nice introduction.

ironically, as we speak a show has begun on the public broadcasting system (pbs) featuring merle haggard, ray price, and willie nelson in a concert to support the "last of the breed" cd.

for that matter

Colin Campbell

Very nice. I am a country music fan, not everything, but many country vogues. I just posted on country music today.

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