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'Record number of people leave UK'

Link: 'Record number of people leave UK'.

If staff turnover increases in a private business it will conduct "exit interviews" with leavers to find out why. Losing experienced staff who understand the business is a bad idea, as is wasting cost on recruitment and training.

Maybe the UK should start to conduct exit interviews with its emigrants? One factor they might detect is weariness with the dishonest use of the English language. For example, this quotation from the article;

"Perception of crime is another of the main reasons for people wanting to leave,"

Isn't it enough to be driven out of your home country, without suggestions it is your "perception" that is at fault?


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Colin Campbell

To be replaced by displaced southern Europeans, refugees and wandering Ozzies no doubt. I noted that the most popular destination for these exiting Brits was Australia. Come on down.


Tom, welcome back after the holiday - it's been so long.

Yes, they will continue to leave for fairly obvious reasons.


If IQ was a weight, then I would guess the balance of mass of say 500,000 immigrants to 100,000 emigrants would be... well... equal... and so not on the first analysis to be a 'Brain Drain' to the country where expertise and experience is lost to our Isle forever.

Because on second intellectual convolution, IQ is actually being shared out more evenly and equally among the new citizens and not for the few. This is called Socialism and a Good Thing.

And even more fortuitously, (as IQ is about gravitas), those selected by racial profiling will become the new ethnically privilidged, gaining employment in local government before others to dumb down services, our offspring, into the QI behavior of a pedophile prophet.

This is welcome news. As floods rise caused by the Carbon Foot Print (held against our throats), Britain will be lighter still, and rise above any impending disasters confronting it forever to come.

Thank you Pigs in Power.

I hope you understand, though I bough to greater wisdom than my own...


Very good point. If only Orwell was still alive, he'd have something to say on the matter.


Ian P - Boughs are on trees, not Bough's.


IanP - What's happening at 10 past 8?


Bough's are on trees, Bows are on ships.

Have to agree with you and Welshcakes though. Its time to leave and fight the good fight from afar. 2010 is not far away.

Welshcakes Limoncello

As Brits, though, we should be used to it by now: everything is "our" fault as citizens whilst nothing is the fault of any government!

Simon Clark

Britain is a ship, socialism and the EU are the ocean, and I'm a rat. America looks like a comfy little desert island just off the port bough...

Simon Clark

Britain is a ship, socialism and the EU are the ocean, and I'm a rat. America looks like a comfy little desert island just off the port bough...

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